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Fever1 Fashion isn't just a design company; it's a movement empowering women to embrace their style with confidence. 

Founded by Louise Lacroix in 2020, we've redefined fashion by merging sports fandom with high fashion, offering stylish options to support your favorite teams.

Our checker & lace styles are a testament to our innovative approach. The lace color concept adds depth to our designs, ensuring each piece tells a unique story.

We're more than just clothing; we're a platform for self-expression and empowerment. Our pieces are meticulously crafted, with every stitch reflecting our dedication to quality. Designed by Fever1 and sustainably made, each garment is a testament to our commitment to ethical practices.

Proudly Canadian, 60% of our production stays local, supporting our community and embodying our values of craftsmanship and fairness.

Join us in celebrating individuality and the spirit of the race. 

Enjoy the ride with Fever1 Fashion.


Louise Lacroix

Founder Designer

Fever1 Fashion embodies the vision of our Founder and President, Louise Lacroix. As a visionary entrepreneur, Louise transformed her passion for fashion and motorsports into a line tailored for women of all shapes and sizes.


At Fever1 Fashion, our main goal is to provide real fashion options to motorsports enthusiasts. With innovative designs and styles, we aim to boost confidence while prioritizing comfort. Louise believes that our exclusive concepts will amplify your unique fashion persona, whether you're on the track or off.


Join us on the journey to the finish line. Together, let's redefine fashion for motorsports lovers everywhere.

Corey Deschamps has 25 years of experience in the Machining & Millwrighting trade. After meeting Louise, he also became addicted to car races and was able to see the vision she had for F1F. Corey's extensive background in precision work translates directly to Fever1 Fashion as his role is to ensure top quality in all areas, without compromise.

While some were surprised by his new venture, we can't help but see it as the perfect segue - from Machinist to "Fashinist"!

When Corey is not working on F1F or attending races, he is spending time with his family, travelling to racing events and always sporting the "best wheels' around.


Corey Deschamps

Production and Quality Control Manager

Guylaine Brochu Matte

Grande Couturière

Guylaine has over 30 years experience in dressmaking and she is certified through the “L’Académie Des Couturiers Canadiens” in fashion designs and Haute Couture. She is always exploring new techniques and opportunities to bring our visions to the market with the functionality and highest quality possible.

Angèle has been working as an artisan for a long time. Her passion for jewelry manifested itself in 1997 with her leather collection. Since then, she continues to explore with different materials and techniques in order to develop her eclectic style. Skillfully blending materials, styles and with the vision of the founder, Angèle has created a custom-made collection that compliments Fever1 Fashion's high-end clothing line.

Angèle Guindon Brunet, Handcrafted Jewelry Maker of Fever1 Fashion -  Chic Checkered Fanwear Apparel

Angèle Guindon Brunet

Handcrafted Jewelry Maker

Sylvie Paradis, Creative Coach of Fever1 Fashion -  Chic Checkered Fanwear Apparel

Sylvie Paradis

Creative Coach

Sylvie has always had a creative side.  In 2008, she discovered a whole world of creativity with a company that offers high-quality products.  She started by making hundreds of greeting cards and offering them to her family and friends or to charities for auction.  When she heard about the Fever 1 Fashion project and that the founder was looking for a unique experience for her customers, Sylvie immediately thought of a purse-like clutch in the style and colors of the new fashion line.  After only a few models were presented, La Sacoche was born. It is used to insert the Fever1 Fashion invoice in the shipping box.  Other branded materials were also created.